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About Me

Okay, how do you take a writer who spends hours alone at a keyboard and make her sound interesting? I suppose you talk about the hours she's NOT at the keyboard. I am a Midwest girl - born and raised in a small Ohio town, which puts my personality traits somewhere between those of a Vegas showgirl and an Amish farmer. I studied journalism and English in college and went on to teach in Ohio and eventully Fort Lauderdale where I live currently. While my husband was alive, we owned an auction company in Florida. I became a liscensed auctioneer and a collector of oddities and specific antiques.


I have one son, a writer and a critic and reviewer of all things entertainment in South Florida. My stepdaughter owns a horse farm in South Carolina. She trains and trades her large, four-legged pets.


I began writing in the mid 90's and have since published more than two dozen books in the romance and mystery genres.


I love to travel and wish I had the nerve to drive a recreational vehicle so I could take my adorable rescue dog, Sparky, with me on trips. My favorite places are mountain ranges, quaint stores and pubs, and of course, small towns.

Pictures of stuff I really like:

Sparky,     Waterfalls      Flea markets       Lighthouses      Mountains      Fall

and a lot of other stuff too.

I'd love to hear about places and things you really like. Maybe we like some of the same things. Email me with the prettiest place you've ever been in the United States. Maybe I'll go there.​

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