Ask a writer what her views are on almost any subject, and she'll have an answer. Even if she doesn't verbalize it, she's thinking about it, she's considered putting it in a story, she's experienced it.


My view on writing is simple. I love it. I really like words, putting them together, taking them apart, sticking the right one in the right place. And I like people (most of them). Being a writer gives me a chance to play all the parts, get into everyone's head, and make each one react as either she, or I, want her to.


I think writing, of all the creative arts, requires that you leave your own head for a while and try to find a comfortable spot in someone else's. Sometimes this process is painful, sometimes joyous, but all the time rewarding. Being someone else for a while helps you to know yourself better.


I hope you'll come back to this page for more views. I promise I'll keep them short!



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The perks of being a writer         

Showcasing your books            Cruising with other writers - Me, Allison      Buffets at booksignings

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ANOTHER VIEW - February 8, 2014

I had the pleasure last night of hosting in my home, Barbara Vey, a columnist for Publisher's Weekly, and an ardent book-lover and author supporter. Ms. Vey spoke at Florida Romance Writers, my local writing chapter. She has spoken to our group before, but today her message was especially powerful. She talked about authors connecting with readers, one reader at a time. She emphasized that each and every reader is important, crucial, in fact to an author's career. But what I particularly liked from Barbara's presentation was her common sense, straight forward approach to human relationships. Be Nice! It's that simple. And talk to people. This applies to people in any profession. When you're in the supermarket line, strike up a conversation. Show interest and do it politely. If only we could adapt this philosophy in all walks of life, in Congress, across foreign borders, etc.,  what a world this would be. Thank you Barbara, for emphasizing the fundamental role of humanity.

Check out Barbara Vey's website and add your name to her list:

Author Sharon Hartley, me, and Barbara Vey

Another View: September 28, 2015

A change of venue

Home is great. I love my comfortable villa in South Florida, and I realized just how much when I returned from a three month vacation yesterday. Not being one to adapt well to heat, I decided to journey to the High Country of North Carolina for the hottest months. The weather was beautiful, not rising above 75 degrees all summer. I hiked, golfed, attended outdoor concerts and had a great time. And the views were conducive to writing as well. I missed a reliable wifi connection, but that only gave me more time to write. Sometimes just changing your view for a while makes all the difference. If you're feeling down, or hot, make a change, if only for a day or two. Change is good. We all need it.

The beautiful High Country of North Carolina

 I am thrilled with the RT book review of my January, 2016 Harlequin Heartwarming. A BOY TO REMEMBER earned a

4 1/2 star Top Pick. Here is part of that review:


From sweet romance to secrets and lies, A Boy to Remember is an intriguing, realistic tale of first love. Adorable characters coupled with a hint of suspense make the Daughters of Dancing Falls series opener a riveting read. 

Another view. October 17, 2017
The beautiful mountains of North Carolina.
I spent another fabulous two months here again this summer. Can't wait to go back again.